What is wheat straw plastic?

What is wheat straw plastic?

What is wheat straw plastic? 

Wheat straw plastic is the latest eco-friendly material and is a smart, environmentally friendly alternative to plastic. It is a premium food grade material and is completely BPA free and has FDA approval

What is wheat straw?

As we all know, wheat is a type of grain that is used to make flour, bread and wheat derived products like pasta. Wheat straw is the byproduct that is left over after the wheat harvest. Wheat straw contains cellulose and by breaking it down, a new product can be created. The process allows to create different kinds of polymers. Natural polymers are found in our bodies (like hair and nails). Plastic is made from artificial polymers, but polymers created from wheat straw, are completely natural.

How is Wheat Straw Plastic Made?

Straw, the byproduct of the wheat harvest, contains lignin. Lignin is the part of the plant that keeps it standing up. Lignin, when combined with sugar, can be turned into a bio-plastic. The first step is to break down the lignin so it’s possible to make the plastic like material. Lignin is broken down by bacteria found in soil called Rhodococcus jostii. The bacteria can produce acid, that easily breaks down the lignin without the use of any artificially produced products. The next step is to mix the broken down lignin with sugar to form a plastic-like substance. Then, it is moulded into forms like cutlery, plates, cups and storage containers.

Wheat straw is also used to create a paper like substance that can be used to make plenty of products. The straw is turned into a pulp, and the pulp is then pressed into a plate. It is strong, non-allergenic and does not contain any gluten. This process can be used with other agricultural waste products like grass, leaves and even wood, thus producing an all-natural plastic.

Wheat straw benefits

  • Biodegradable! It will take 3 to 6 months to turn to compost in your home compost and only 1 to 2 months in a local municipal compost facility
  • Renewable and sustainable!  As these products are completely natural, they can decompose and be used as fertilizer
  • Non-allergenic
  • Gluten free
  • Easy to clean, sturdy and strong
  • Microwave and freezer safe.#
  • Will not go mouldy.
  • They can also be turned back into pulp by melting them and thus creating different products again and again.
  • Less energy is required to produce the wheat straw plastic-like substance. Because wheat straw is natural, it requires much less energy to produce pulp.
  • The natural fibres make the material sturdy enough without requiring the addition of toxins like oil.
  • Additional source of income for the wheat farmers as they can sell the by-products for a reasonable price.
  • It can handle hot liquids up to 100°Celsius / 220°Farenheit
  • Wheat straw can be used to create paper, and therefor contributes to saving our forests as well. Disposable paper products, like plates and cups, can be replaced by the reusable wheat straw items. 

What is the Impact of Wheat Straw Plastic on the Environment?

Since wheat straw is a byproduct of growing edible grains, there is no additional farming or harvesting required. Through the process of photosynthesis while growing wheat, it would extract more carbon dioxide (CO2) from the air, than it would produce. Production of bio plastic consumes less energy and gives off less CO2 emissions, than the production of synthetic plastic which is derived from petroleum.

In the past, the straw would have been burnt after the wheat harvest, which would give off more CO2 gases. Although the burning of wheat straw has been banned in the UK, sadly the fields are still burnt in many parts of the world. Bioplastic is beneficial for our planet as it reduces the carbon footprint.

Wheat straw plastic is very versatile and has many applications. Because of the heat resistance of up to 100° Celsius / 220° Fahrenheit, it can be used for reusable travel mugs. It is absolutely perfect for reducing single use plastics.

Let’s have a look at what is wheat straw plastic used for:

Foldable mugs! 

Those little gems are perfect for when you are out and about. Fit easily in your pocket, a small handbag or you can attach them to your jacket or belt. They are perfect for little humans: going our with the kids to playground? Don’t carry bottles of water, one is enough: simply pour it in the mugs. They are a lifesaver during any hiking trip, long commute or a run in the forest… and not only for humans! After a few hours walk in the countryside, make sure to share your water with your dog; they will forever be grateful. 

Cutlery set 

We travel every day; to work, to see a friend, to a shop. We also get hungry every day quite easy. With a foldable cutlery set, you can afford a few minutes of peace to enjoy a take away meal; no need to franticly try to fashion a spoon from a yogurt lid, or being overwhelmed with guilt for using a disposable cutlery provided with your take away meal deal. And it’s small and stylish as well!

Pill box 

Small enough to fit in your pocket, big enough for a short trip. The sad truth of life is that you don't need to be 80 to take pills every day. If you've got a kid on daily medication, the small pill box works perfect for when they are off for a sleepover!


Hairbrush and comb in one; works will all type of hair, small enough to fit in your pocket and simply essential. Feel confident when you step off a bus; it takes a second to fix your hair!

A few facts to remember!

*Keep all wheat straw products away from fire and don’t expose to sunlight for extended periods of time.

*Although it can be used in the microwave, do not heat food in there for longer than 3 minutes as the heat of the actual food could damage the container.

*Do not put the lid or cutlery in the microwave.

*Dishwasher safe but recommended to hand wash