Eco-travel Drink

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Eco-travel Drink


A quirky yet elegant foldable travel mug made from natural wheat straw fibre. Small enough to fit in your pocket, large enough to quench your thirst. How to use it? Unscrew the lid, unfold the mug, fill it with water or other soft drink and enjoy! The days of sharing one bottle of water with friends and family are long gone; ensure you're well-equipped to sip away from your OWN container.

We designed our eco-travel mug with two goals in mind: to make the Planet a little bit greener and to make your travel days a little less stressful. You no longer need to repack your suitcase for the tenth time to make space for a travel mug; our Drink OntheGo cup will fit anywhere, but it is better to keep it close to enjoy a drink anytime and anywhere. 

Are you going out with children? Let's not kid ourselves; we, parents, always carry all the bottles of water on the shortest of trips to the park, playground, soft-play or shop. Instead of having one bottle per person, pack our mugs, and you're sorted! 

Easy to clean

Retractable space-saving design; fits easily in your pocket when folded


Perfect for travel, camping, picnic and everyday use

Made from non-toxic and sustainable material

Capacity: 130ml, best for cold soft drinks

Size: 75x65 m

Material: natural biodegradable food-grade wheat straw fibre

How to use your our Eco-Travel mug:

  • unscrew the lid
  • hold the bottom of the mug, and with one swift move, shake out the mug
  • make sure the mug is well opened by gently pulling the rings up to form a mug
  • pour your favourite cold drink! 
  • to close, simply fold the mug and gently screw the lid back on

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