About Us and our Vision

Our Mission: Plastic-Free World 

Our Vision

Our purpose is to educate as many people as possible about single-use plastic, microplastic and the harm it's doing to Earth and Oceans.

We aim to create a Sustainable Traveller online club; a safe space where it’s simple and affordable to buy plastic-free alternatives and to share ideas.

Our Mission 

  • To show that it is possible, easy, and affordable to live a plastic-free life
  • To offer plastic-free alternatives to everyday products
  • To show people the real damage a simple plastic toothbrush can do!
  • To sustainably source our products
  • To educate about the sustainability
  • To use our social media and blog to show our progress in plastic-free living
  • To listen! If you have any ideas to make our products better, please share them with us!
  • To leave a better world to our children

Why did we decide to start Sustainable Traveller Shop?

We know a lot about travel; we are travel agents without travellers due to pandemic. When COVID19 struck, we were stripped of our purpose…until we realised we’ve been given an opportunity of a lifetime. 

We had time to read, to speak with people, travellers, and suppliers alike. We looked at the world differently, not as the travel agent, but the traveller himself. We’ve come to a devastating conclusion that there won’t be much of the World left if we continue the way we do now.

Disposable plastic poses a huge threat to nature, our health, and the environment. We notice the destruction it causes not only to our wildlife and oceans but also to our diet! One walk down the street, seaside, or forest and we can see an excessive amount of plastic wrappers, bottles, and single-use packaging everywhere. We live in a throwaway culture and it breaks our hearts to see it.  

*UK produces more plastic waste per person than almost every other country in the world – 2nd only to the US

* We can’t cope with the amount of plastic waste that companies are producing, so the government is allowing it to be dumped on other countries that can’t cope with it either

*Less than 10% of our everyday plastic actually gets recycled in the UK

*British plastic is getting dumped overseas and burned in the open air, creating serious health problems for local people

*Plastic also gets into the ocean, killing marine life like seabirds, turtles, and dolphins.

Learning about the big plastic recycling scandal was a big slap in the face. We decided to use our expertise in travel to help us and you to become eco-conscious and sustainable travellers.

The UK has power; if we give a good example, other countries will follow. We want to join the many other eco-shops that emerged in the UK. 

We are not alone in the efforts to change the World. Join us!

Are we perfect?

No! But that makes us human. We try hard to lead by example: we made small changes in our daily lives; we no longer use plastic toothbrushes, plastic toothpaste tubes, or plastic bottles… We aim to eliminate plastic 100% but it is not always possible. We constantly search for plastic alternatives. This is our journey. We want to show you that any small change, when done together, makes a huge impact on the Planet.

How can you help?

Every little bit helps! No one becomes a Zero Waste master overnight. Start slow, at your own pace, and do not get discouraged! Here are just a few examples of what you can do:

  • Swap your toothbrush for a bamboo one
  • Use a soap bar instead of liquid soap; try a shampoo bar as well.
  • Find a local greengrocer for your weekly vegetable and fruit shopping
  • When you’re going to the supermarket, take reusable shopping and produce bags  
  • Buy a filter bottle

What does the future hold?

The plastic-free movement is certainly a strong one but we still have a long way to go. We know that people have different priorities and budgets, and we’re certainly not forcing you to change. We want to show you that it is possible and affordable to make small changes. But it does not matter if you join us today, tomorrow, or next year; it’s your story and your journey that matters. 

We will keep developing Sustainable Traveller Shop, no matter what happens, and we hope to continue to encourage the UK and the world to leave single-use plastic behind.  

We have a plan! We are creating a Sustainable Traveller Club; a society of people thinking alike, helping to save the World for future generations. We invite you to be a member of the Club, to use more and more eco-friendly products every day. To share ideas and to invite others to follow suit. 

We may be starting small with our travel kit, but every change is a step in the right direction.