Introducing the new way of cleaning; with Pam Corson

Introducing the new way of cleaning; with Pam Corson

Eco-Travelshop is proud to introduce you all to CLEAN LIVING INT

How It All Started

Clean Living started when a mutual friend introduced Helen to Gill. Gill had a fantastic range of natural and biological cleaning products, and Helen was looking for a new opportunity that had a strong cause and ethical purpose. At the same time, Blue Planet II aired exposing us all to the harm our plastic waste and C02 emissions are having on wildlife and the climate.

After sharing a few coffees (and cocktails), they decided to create a company that would help others to clean with conscience ©: one that is environmentally responsible, educates people and offers a less damaging way to clean our homes.

Why are Clean Living Int Products Different?

Clean Living products allow you to clean your home in a way that is healthier for you and the planet with our eco-friendly and refillable products. You don’t need harsh toxins to get a beautifully clean home. Our award-winning biological cleaning products give a more effective and longer lasting clean, using natural formulations that are boosted by enzymes. We’re proud that our range is natural, biodegradable, PH neutral, vegan friendly and non-damaging to aquatic life.

Most cleaning products are 99% water and come in single-use plastic bottles. We’re the first UK brand to introduce refillable aluminium spray bottles with concentrates, reducing carbon emissions and single-use plastic waste. You can even tailor refills to your cleaning needs using our hassle-free and fully flexible refill subscription service.

Our formulations are way ahead of their time, harnessing the power of nature to give a far superior clean than traditional cleaning products. They are free from any hazardous toxins and include healthy bacteria which completely break down and remove dirt and grime for a deeper and longer-lasting clean.

Our award-winning range of natural cleaning products have a wonderful fragrance and are safer for you and your family to use. On top of this, our Refill-Reuse-Recycle subscription system helps you to reduce single-use plastic waste. Less plastic, Less chemicals, less hassle.

  • You won’t find our products in supermarkets. We send them directly to you to reduce the amount of vehicles on the road, driving down C02 emissions.
  • Our aluminium bottles are shipped empty with a sachet of concentrate, making them lighter to further reduce carbon emissions. Decant the sachet into the bottle and top up with tap water.
  • Our easy to tailor subscription services allow you to avoid running out. Waste sachets can be sent back to us for recycling too

Our products carry the Made in UK logo and won the Luxe Health and Wellness Award. We support the Born Free Foundation donating 1% of all income to them.

Clean Living Products to Date (more coming soon)

Refills (for 300ml bottle) Start at Just £1.97

Kits (including one aluminium bottle, one refill and a Glass Microfibre Cloth) are £8.99

Our Best Seller, the Eco Friendly Complete Cleaning Kit (save £19)

Kit Contents:

· 1 x Biological Odour and Spot Remover, Biological Multi-purpose Cleaner, Glass Cleaner, Biological Bin Odour Eliminator, Kitchen Cleaner and Degreaser, Limescale Remover and Bathroom Cleaner aluminium bottles (Each 300 ml)

· 1 x Refill sachet for each of the above bottles (Sachets are 30ml )

· 2 x Biological Drain Maintainer (50ml)

· 1 x Dry Carpet Cleaner (150 gm)

· 3 x Glass Microfibre Cloth

· 1 x Brush (silicone brush can be requested)

· 1 x Caddy

Biological Odour and Spot Remover

A powerful yet natural microbial cleaner that attacks and eliminates odours, without the use of chemical masking agents or toxic chemicals.

Dry Carpet Cleaner

Suitable for use on all carpet types, this product is one of the most advanced low moisture carpet cleaning powders on the market. 100% biodegradable, it dissolves and removes dirt and grime naturally from carpet fibres.

Glass Cleaner

Effortlessly dissolves grease and lifts off dirt, leaving glass and glossy surfaces streak-free and shiny.

Biological Multi-Purpose Cleaner

Capable of the deepest clean, without the use of harsh chemicals, this organic cleaning product cuts through grease, grime, dirt and odour, leaving surfaces clean, hygienic and odour free.

Biological Bin Odour Eliminator

Rapidly neutralises unpleasant odours from kitchen, bathroom, recycling and compost bins without the use of masking agents, hazardous chemical oxidisers or harsh ingredients.

Kitchen Cleaner and Degreaser

A highly effective organic solution for the complete cleaning of kitchens. Its safe, non-toxic and effective cleaning formulation targets grease, grime and odours on a variety of surfaces where there is a build-up of fats, oils and grease.

Limescale Remover

A safe alternative to harsh, corrosive limescale removers. The innovative acid replacement technology contained in this product is based on an organic salt solution, which reacts with limescale on contact, turning it into a liquid for effortless and safe removal.

Biological Drain Maintainer

A unique, concentrated blend of specialised live cultures, scientifically developed to promote the rapid breakdown and digestion of organic waste. This Drain Maintainer is designed to completely degrade and convert a wide range of fats and greases to carbon dioxide and water, which provides rapid removal of build-up and odours from drains.

Bathroom Cleaner

A complex live biological formulation designed to offer immediate, safe and effective cleaning and odour control across all bathroom surfaces. The natural ingredients penetrate deep into the microscopic pores of hard surfaces to break down grease, grime and soap residues whilst targeting the build-up of ammonia and uric acid to keep malodour at bay.

Become an Ambassador with Clean Living Int

We are building a community of people who love our products and want to be pioneers for change. You can generate an income by recommending them to others, or simply use the products yourself.

We are excited about our vision to create an enthusiastic customer base of people that are dedicated to driving positive environmental and social change.

  • Earn an Income
  • Work from home
  • Save the environment
  • No experience necessary
  • Full training and support

For further information please contact Pam Corson at or to shop go to CLEAN LIVING INT

Many thanks, Pam Corson, Clean Living